¿Esta interesad@ en compartir un cuarto?

Esta interesad@ en compartir un cuarto? Haga arreglos con otros asistentes a la conferencia aquí y responda a este mensaje.

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2 Responses to ¿Esta interesad@ en compartir un cuarto?

  1. I would love to share a room with someone attending the conference. I will come from Mexico, so it would be very interesting for me if there is someone open to share a lodging space. My email address is below. Thanks!

    Monica Jasis

    • Alicia Paller-Rzepka says:

      Hi Monica,

      My name is Alicia and I am also interested in sharing a lodging space for the conference. I will be flying to Austin on Friday, and flying out on Sunday, so I am looking for somewhere cheap to stay Friday and Saturday night. I am a law student and will be presenting at the conference. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing a room.


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