Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas is a two-day conference being held in Austin, Texas, October 5-6, 2012.

Rethinking Power & Resistance puts organizers and activist scholars in dialogue around threads including: Arts as Advocacy, Pedagogies of Alliance and Resisting Criminalization, and is built around three community-university collaborations:

  • Trangender Jail Project: outreach and education with transgender folks in incarceration and with staff in Texas jails
  •  Conspire Theatre: performance with Texas women in incarceration
  • The Polochic Evictions Counteraction: Indigenous women and allies organizing against displacement

Participating Speakers Include:

This conference prioritizes networking, workshops, and interdisciplinary activism for scholars, social justice organizers, and community members who engage in and question the use of human rights language to address issues of gender justice. Conference attendees and participants will collaboratively examine the relationship of women, LGBT communities, and communities of color to women’s human rights as it pertains to issues including economic rights, environmental justice, immigration, incarceration/detention, land rights, political repression, reproductive justice, resource sharing, sexuality, and more. The aim of this conference is to explore new movement strategies for gender justice which: work at the intersections of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity; work with and in tension with human rights language (addressing autonomous uses of human rights strategies and the harm of neoliberal human rights appropriation); work in or in relationship to the Americas; and build on connections among community organizers and activist scholars while interweaving our local context with transnational work.

The conference is a project of the Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative at the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin.

Questions? Email the conference committee at genderandhumanrights@gmail.com